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Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour: The best not really an hour podcast to hear babble about theme parks and amusement parks. Joe, Nick, Mike, Lane, Sean, and friends cover the news and happenings at Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, and our local favorite parks.

Immersive Irony Experience Theme Park Podcast: Alan searches his decades built rolodex for fans and industry insiders to deep dive into coasters, amusement parks, random dark rides, coaster culture, and more.

EXPLICIT WARNING: Some adult language, situations, and beverages occur. It's all PG-13 fun.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #165 - Teenage Wasteland

    Joe is joined by David Daut to talk about Stranger Things at Halloween Horror Nights(?), Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge news and rumors, David's report from Nevermore in Utah, Disney's acquisition of Fox and the theme park implications including Simpsons and Spider-Man at DCA, and then finally closing out with talk about theme park preservation with an eye towards Muppet-vision 3-D.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #164 - Bachelorscope Weekend

    Joe, Nick, and Sean talk about Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, Epcot's new entrance, and Wonders of Life's 'Play Pavilion' replacement. Then we dive into Sean's bachelory party to talk about the "3 great rides" theory, Magic Kingdom, Homecomin', Trader Sam's, Universal, and more.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #163 - Flight of the Na'vi-gator

    Alan and Joe talk about Cedar Fair's earnings call, their plans for their parks, mistakes with smaller parks, and the removal of Volcano: The Blast Coaster. Then we dive into our recent trips to Orlando! Joe talks about his adventure to SeaWorld, Jiko, Animal Kingdom After Hours, and Universal. Alan discusses his long weekend at Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Then we give our final reviews of Pandora - World of Avatar, the price of theming, the importance of good rides, and more random thoughts.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #162 - Secret Fudge and Failed Communist Tomorrowland

    Joe, Alan, and Alex are freezing their asses off! This week's topics: Jurassic Park coaster update Gwazi RMC rumors Hersheypark's Chocolate Town updates Kings Island's International Street Updates Kings Dominion and Volcano Complain about Disneyland's Tomorrowland SeaWorld San Diego and Orlando rumors Trip Reports Alex goes to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Kings Dominion, and Six Flags Over America then some alpine coasters Alan visits Graceland and Dollywood

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #161 - The Official Disney Podcast of Hot Topic

    OG crew time with Joe, Nick, and Mike this week. We talk the latest rumors at Universal Orlando, Polercoaster, and The Google Assistant Ride. Then we close it up with Mike's long thoughts on the future of Walt Disney World, the long term aspects of aiming for an upper upper middle class customer, the possible declining registrations of runDisney, and more Voodoo Donuts love. Stay to the end for positive takes!

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #160 - Holiday Party 2018

    It's a holiday party at Parkscope! Joe, Alan, and Alex talk about the new Universal park rumors, Alan's trip reports, and Joe's roommate Kevin joins to play a special holiday game of "Critique the Coaster Name". Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #159 - Space Bison

    It is our Christmas shopping episode! Join Joe and Josh Reichlin from Made to Thrill to discuss his website, merchandise, his inspirations, and why most theme park merchandise is so bad. Then we talk about all the D23 news including Galaxy's Edge attraction names, Illumination replacement banter, Epcot talk, and more!

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #158 - Halloweeen Horror Nights 28

    Like the Chilean miners emerging from the mines, we have returned!

    This episode we talk about two bat-shit insane stories: Six Flags and SeaWorld rumors along with how the Schlitterban co-owner and killer slide designer Jeff Henry is accused of human trafficking and drug related charges! What a terrible person!

    Last but not least we give our full breakdown and review of Halloween Horror Nights 28. We talk houses, scare zones, the future of the event, and more! Stay till the end to see when the Advil PM Joe takes finally kicks in.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #155 - Game Show Land

    It's a breezy, laid back affair as Joe, Mike, and Nick celebrate five years of podcasting. We talk Infinity Falls, Disney budget cuts (or not?!?!), game shows, Star Wars Galaxy's Edge's expectation to cure cancer, how messed up Disney's Hollywood Studios still is, HHN28, Parkscope Wolf, and more.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #153 - Kebab Puns

    Part 1: Joe is joined by Alicia Stella of Orlando Park Stop and Theme Park Stop on YouTube. We have a breezy talk about the new Potter coaster, Universal's history, the "good ole days" were not good, Universal announcement pacing, Disney projects, and more!

    Part 2: Brian McNichols from Touring Plans gives us his initial impressions and review of Universal's new Aventura Hotel.

    Part 3: Joe and Mike talk to Brian about his first trip to HHN, give him some tips, and we share the scare zones and houses we are most excited for this year.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #151 - Black and Yellow

    Alan and Joe talk news as we cover Kennywood's new Steelers Country and The Steel Curtain including sports representation in amusement parks, the prospect of other teams in parks, Steel Curtain's design, and thematic design in relation to the "sports ball" crowd. Then we dive into Cedar Fair, Cedar Point, and Carowinds news; Universal Orlando's Cinematic Celebration opens; and we close out with some trip reports to Toronto and Chicago.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #150 - LARP Your Face Off

    OG crew is back as Joe, Lane, Mike, and Nick are here to talk Fast & Furious Supercharged impressions, Universal Orlando's Cinematic Celebration, catch up on Halloween Horror Nights news, and then invite on Lane's sister Amy to talk about Toy Story Land, Minnie Vans, Victoria and Alberts, and more!

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #148 - Technical Issues

    Ever have one of those days when your computer randomly restarts, the internet goes out, and Skype crashes on you? Well we did all during one recording!

    We talk trip reports to Knoebls, Kings Island, rumors, news, and more!

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour - The Road Trip 2 Day 7(?)

    Joe and Jeff reunite days after they parted. Jeff now has a graduate degree, Joe anxiously awaiting info on moving in with a friend, and Cedar Point lost power. We talk about Steel Vengeance (SURPRISE), long waits for rides, Melt, how ops should handle broken rides, and more!

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour - The Road Trip 2 Day 3

    Joe messes up hotel reservations, "the rider" messes up an alpine coaseter, life finds a way even in Pidgeon Forge, and we can't find a beer after 11pm in Pidgeon Forge. Plus all our takes on our day at Carowinds including Fury 325, Intimidator (period), Afterburn, Camp Snoopy, Plants vs Zombies, and more!

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #148 - I Need a Fix

    You don't know, you don't say. When you've got no reply.

    Alan, Alex, Andrew, and Joe (too many A names, sorry) join to talk free beer, Sesame Street, monorails, launched coasters, Kings Island, then end with some Cedar Point talk. This is America.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #146 - Spoons on Sailboats

    This week Joe, Kenny, and Mike talk about Stranger Things at Halloween Horror Nights, Universal's Endless Summer Resort, parking fees (again, sorry), Fast & Furious Supercharged, and lay some hate on Pandora's AMP walking suit.

    Next Joe interviews Kevin Perjurer, creator and editor of Defunctland, a YouTube series on defunct theme park attractions around the globe. Find out his inspirations, what attractions he wishes to do in the future, and what's next for the channel.

    And finally Alex and Jeff do one of our patented car ride park reviews from Kings Dominion opening weekend. They discuss Twisted Timbers, Racer 75, Grizzly, and more.

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    #ThisForksIsForSV - Forkscope

    We’re rebranding and turning this into Forkscope, your home about all things regional forks! We talk the history of forks, types of forks, fork etiquette, and ask you for your favorite forks! Send us a tweet @Parkscope with the hashtag #ThisForkIsForSV with your favorite forks and fork knowledge!

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #145 - Forgive Tom

    Joe, Mike, and Nick reunite! Joe's a little sick and out of it, Mike is doing spit takes, and Nick is enjoying grading during his break. We catch up on news and rumors from WDW and UOR. Is the MK theater cancelled? Guardians coaster vehicles leaked? Toy Story Land is opening June 30th. Star Wars Galaxy's Edge attraction information. Be Our Guest is getting a fixed menu. Resort parking fees. That Damn Marvel Contract. Horror Nights dates. Voodoo Donuts opening. Fast & Furious progress and more!

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour - The Road Trip Day 7

    Our top rides. Our tips. It ends.

    Alan and Joe close out the trip with some thoughts, how to plan for your own trip, ranking the rides this trip, top moments, and more. Thanks for following us the past week y'all!

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour - The Road Trip Day 6

    Memphis. In n Out. Bass Pro Shops?

    Alan and Joe travel from Dallas to Missouri with a few stops along the way. We cover our family park stops, the In n Out burger, beer bars, Fraternal brotherhood, Memphis, and a Bass Pro Shop?

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour - The Road Trip Day 5

    Whataburger. Six Flags over Texas reviewed. Beer.

    Alan and Joe close out Six Flags over Texas with a full review with honest critiques and positives. Then we discuss Whataburger, beers, regional parks, and more!

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour - The Road Trip Day 4

    Raising Cane's. RMC. Justice League.

    Alan and Joe hit the hot button issues and topics as they travel from Ft Smith, Arkansas to Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas in the search of coasters. Today we cover our first few hours at Six Flags Over Texas, last night's shenanigans, and the long trip through flat land.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour - The Road Trip Day 3

    Day 3 is kicked off with a review of Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City! Then we talk about the rest of SDC including Outlaw Run, The Flooded Mine, cinnamon bread, Powder Keg, Wild Fire, Marvel Cave, and watching Banks Lee filming in said cave. Then we cover the news of the week: Disney's corporate shakeup, Walt Disney World resort overnight parking fees, Steel Vengeance preview events, Cedar Point and Bowling Green State University working on an attractions management degree, and more!

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour - The Road Trip Day 2

    Alan and Joe are in the car talking about amazing food at Lambert's (and tossed rolls), alpine coasters of Branson, Segways, mini golf, go karts, toxic masculinity, appointment televsion, shopping centers, SushiX, and fountain shows.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour - The Road Trip Day 1

    Joe and Alan start their madcap week by driving through southern Illisnois, eating at a weird TGI Fridays, seeing City Musesum in St Louis, having some killer BBQ in the middle of nowhere, family fun center coasters, and talking shit about Pixar Pier.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #143 - Visual Scan

    Your favorite theme park podcast returns to talk about the XFL, art museums, Henry Ford, training systems, and Detroit. But no, really, we cover the announcement of Voodoo Donuts at Universal, closure of DarKastle, Blackpool demolishing its Wild Mouse, Legoland getting rid of Island in the Sky, Kennywood removing Log Jammer, and more complaining about things closing. Finally we talk about Alan's latest articles on theme park employment trends and how theme parks make money. Is Six Flags ahead of the curve in revenue trends and training? What should Cedar Fair do? What about SeaWorld? Finally we close with your questions!

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #142 - New Year New Us

    Alan, Joe, and Nick cover The Beach Boys with John Stamos, pay for FastPass, monorails, Nick's trip to Orlando, Alan's trip to Gatlinburg, Joe's trip to a Krampus haunted house, theme park employment, and our 2018 theme park resolutions.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #140 - So You Want To Go To The Middle East

    Grab yourself a beverage or listen on your plane trip to the UAE, here it is. Joe is joined by Andrew Hyde and Alan to talk about Alan's massive, 16 day trip to the Middle East. They cover Dubai Parks and Resorts, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Ferrari World, HubZero, Global Village, Trader Vic's pants, being buzzed by a helicoper, quarter tanks of gas, and much much more.

    NOTE: In the podcast we note providers of interactive dark ride to UAE parks. W were corrected, Alterface provided Ghostbusters at MotionGate, Resident Evil at HubZero, Gears of War at HubZero, Gumball at IMG, and Benno's Great Race at Ferrari World. We apologize for the error.

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    Parkscope Unproffesional Podcast Hour #139 - Accio Christmas

    Joe and Lane are joined by Banks Lee from Attractions the Show to discussion Super Nintendo World permits, Walt Disney World parade taping, Sunset Seasons Greetings at Hollywood Studios, Universal's Holiday Parade featuring Macy's, The Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts Castle, Celestina Warbeck, and the holiday offerings at Gaylord Palms!

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    Immersive Irony Experience Theme Park Podcast - Fata Morgana Memorial Episode

    Alan, Lane, and Alex discuss Orlando trips, yet another Halloween Horror Nights 27 review, Volcano Bay, what happens when you have a billion dollars burning a hole in your pocket (aka Pandora), Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Mine Blower impressions, the state of the Busch and SeaWorld parks, Alex visits the new Owa Park, Six Flags over Georgia is actually amazing, Lightning Rod, Lane’s Europe trip, Oktoberfest and Olympia Looping, Efteling and Symbolica, Stroopwafels, Diggerland, Fall Fun Fest, and MORE.

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    Parkscope Unproffesional Podcast Hour #138 - 2 Pirates 2 Caribbean

    Nick, Sean, and Joe break away from a busy week to discuss the news of Universal's new hotels, some small rumors, Sean's impressions on Pandora, Sean's thoughts on Volcano Bay, and Sean's wrap-up for HHN27. Then we answer your questions from Twitter!

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    Immersive Irony Experience Theme Park Podcast - Operating Season 2017 Memorial Episode

    A three part bonanza! Yes THREE separate files! Alan is joined by Alex to talk Mean Streak, the Ohio State Fair fatality, Wonder Woman Golden Lasso, RMC, Lake Compounce, Balderdash, the SkyRide, Coney Island, Atlantic City, Jersey Shore, New England parks, closing out the last few trip reports of Summer 2017, and MORE!

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    Immersive Irony Experience Theme Park Podcast - SkyRide Memorial Episode

    A three part bonanza! Yes THREE separate files! Alan is joined by Alex to talk Mean Streak, the Ohio State Fair fatality, Wonder Woman Golden Lasso, RMC, Lake Compounce, Balderdash, the SkyRide, Coney Island, Atlantic City, Jersey Shore, New England parks, closing out the last few trip reports of Summer 2017, and MORE!

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    Immersive Irony Experience Theme Park Podcast - Mean Streak Memorial Episode

    A three part bonanza! Yes THREE separate files! Alan is joined by Alex to talk Mean Streak, the Ohio State Fair fatality, Wonder Woman Golden Lasso, RMC, Lake Compounce, Balderdash, the SkyRide, Coney Island, Atlantic City, Jersey Shore, New England parks, closing out the last few trip reports of Summer 2017, and MORE!

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    4th Anniversary Special

    Joe is traveling so it’s a quick episode to talk some brand new UOR rumors and lots of thanks.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #135 - The 17 Year Itch

    Joe, Mike, Nick, and special guest Paulie join to discuss some HHN27 TM member impressions, the disgusting idea of a candy corn alcoholic drink, the Cleveland Indians, and Joe's car woes. Then the rest of the episode we deep dive into Paulie's trip to Orlando as he tackles Universal Orlando for the first time in 17 years, his daughter's first time to the Wizarding World, Toothsome, Volcano Bay (good and bad), and more! Then we close it out with his trip to Walt Disney World with his stay at the brand new Copper Creek, Pandora, BOATHOUSE, Trader Sam's, and adventures in car rental.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #134 - Vesper Slush

    On this episode Joe, Lane, and Mike talk more Halloween Horror Nights 27 reactions, Dueling Dragons/Dragons Challenge closing, T2:3D October 8th closure announcement, T2:3D replacement ideas, Shrek 4D rumors, and lots and lots of James Bond talk.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #133 - Kyle and Pelè

    We have a double header of a show for you this week! Joe and Nick are joined by distinguished blogger and podcaster Derek "They'll Always Be the San Diego Chargers To Me" Burgan. First up are the top six and bottom six rated attractions at Universal Orlando Resort as voted by the readers of and The Unofficial Guide. Afterwards they dive into the full Halloween Horror Nights 27 reveal. We cover the houses, scare zones, shows, and our thoughts on the farewell of Bill & Ted.

    The second half Joe is joined by three time in a row guest Andrew Hyde to discuss all the announcements from Cedar Fair on August 16th, 2017.

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    Immersive Irony Experience Theme Park Podcast- Summer 2017 Memorial Episode (Pt 1)

    Alan is joined by Andrew Hyde and Ryan to discuss a whole host of summer trip reports to parks! Perfect podcast to listen to on road trips, rain delays, audits, or running a marathon. Come for the reports stay for Cool n Fresh.

    Lagoon Amusement Park (Ryan) 0:50 Cedar Point (Alan and Andrew) 45:37 Kings Island (Alan and Andrew) 56:59 Clementon, Fun Plex, Six Flags Great Adventure (Andrew) 1:12:00 Jersey Shore Parks (Andrew) 1:17:00 Six Flags Great America, Santa’s Village, and Donley’s Wild West Town: 2:17:00

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #132 - Hooray for Hollywood

    Join Joe and David Daut (Twitter) as they talk about their evolved views on studios parks, The Star Wars Hotel/Experience, role playing in parks, immersive theater experiences, and if/how theme parks should be archived once changed or removed.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #131 - SWEEPSTAKES

    Joe and Lane talk about ALL THE HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS 27 NEWS. Or not really. Our bad. We talk about local parks additions with Cedar Fair, Six Flags Fiesta Texas' Wonder Woman Golden Lasso, and some Busch rumors. Then we talk about some Star Wars VR, more Harry Potter construction news, and then your questions! SWEEPSTAKES!

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #128 - Parkscope Airhorn

    Joe, Sean, and Mike make small talk about changes coming to the auction scene at Pirates of the Caribbean, Siemens dropping sponsorship of Spaceship Earth and Illuminations, crazy Walt Disney World rumors, and cover all the speculation on D23 expo. It's a slapdash episode because... well we don't know what's going to happen!

    We'll also be doing a live podcast 6PM EST Saturday July 15th to cover the D23 Parks and Resorts panel!

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #127 - Stampeeding Spanish Teenagers

    Alan, Joe, Nick, and Sean team up for yet another road trip extravaganza. First we talk about Hurler 2.0, Mine Blower at Fun Spot Kissimmee, developments on the old Wet n Wild property, and dive into the Super Nintendo World leaks and plans.

    Next up Nick talks about his first trip to Walt Disney World with his child and a review of Pandora: World of Avatar. Then we close up the show with Alan discussing his whirlwind European trip to Port Adventura, Ferrari Land, Tipidabo, Conny-land (with Mammut Tree and Dino Attack), Legoland Deutschland, and Tripsdrill (with the nuts bathtub flume ride).

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    Immersive Irony Experience Theme Park Podcast - Rob Pilatus Memorial

    Alan is joined by Jerry Brick, General Manager of Lake Compounce to talk the history of the park, Wildcat's 90th anniversary and refurbishment, Boulderdash, historical rides, their partnership with the Haunted Graveyard haunt event, their newest coaster Phobia, Milli Vanilli, and more!

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #126 - Spring Trip Report Blow Out!

    Alan, Jeff, and Joe talk about the mess of an opening of Volcano Bay, the inevitability of Pandora doing "well", Flight of Passage ride system issues, Nintendo announcements (no, not the leaked plans), Mean Streak 2.0 teaser, and Kennywood's 2018 plans. Finally they all talk about their trips over the past month to Cedar Point, Lake Compounce, Hersheypark, Holiday World, Kennywood, Carrowinds, and more!

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    Immersive Irony Experience Theme Park Podcast- George Millay Memorial Episode

    It's a family affair this week as Alan is joined by his cousin Tom Dion to talk about UFC vs boxing, gambling advice, and Tom's years as GM and auditor of various water parks around the country. They talk about how Tom got into the industry, riding slides as "testing", awkwardly auditing water parks for safety, applying for jobs in Tanzania, how a park handles a catastrophic event, and life advice for anyone looking to get into the industry.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #125 - A B&M Hyper in Every Park

    This episode Lane briefly joins us from the SunTrust Park to lay out his plan to fix all of WDW for less money than it took to build Pandora, Joe talks about his Cedar Point trip, Sean talks about visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour in England, and Nick cuts in and out of connectivity. We also discuss Pandora previews, Volcano Bay media day, locals overhyping projects, The Shining and Conjuring at HHN, new hotels, Sesame Street, and then answer your non-theme park questions!

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    Immersive Irony Theme Park Podcast - Shark Fin Soup Memorial Episode

    Alan is joined by Tom Mehrmann, owner and founder of Themed Advisers Ltd. They discuss Tom's past as VP of Operations and Entertainment at Knotts Berry Farm, VP and GM of several Six Flags parks around the world, his twelve years as CEO of Ocean Park in Hong Kong, Tom's philosophy on running amusement parks, the future of the Asian amusement park industry, and more!

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    Immersive Irony Experience Theme Park Podcast- Space World Memorial Episode

    In this episode Alan is joined by Sean Flaharty who currently works on the touring The Eyes of Freedom touring memorial. They talk about their coaster club origins, Sean's stint as ACE PR manager, Mystic Timbers, California trips, Space World, geocaching, paying to go into Legoland for 45 minutes, and more crazy stories.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #123 - Pandora 20/20

    We're back baby! Joe's drinking, Sean's talking MST3K, Nick is killing palmetto bugs, and Lane is interrupting. We talk about SeaWorld's investments, Infinity Falls (infinity = 40 ft.), Pandora photos, Star Wars land news, Club 33 at WDW, A Very Merry Potter Christmas, #HHN27, Volcano Bay cabanas, and all the delicious food. At the end Nick gives his impressions of this year's Grad Bash (and Fallon) then Joe talks about his First Rider Event for Mystic Timbers!

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    Immersive Irony Experience Theme Park Podcast- Crystal Beach Memorial Episode

    Alan is joined by Victoria Wolcott, Chair and Professor of History at University at Buffalo, SUNY to discuss the history of race relations in amusement parks, pools, and other areas of recreation in the United States. Check out her book 'Race, Riots, and Rollercoasters' available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

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    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #122- BREAKING RUMORS

    In a world where all news is breaking, none of it is. Our resident existentialists Joe and Sean are joined by Nick to discuss all the rumors from Universal and Disney that broke this past week. We cover patents, Dry 'n Tame, Dragons Challenge replacements, WDW resorts hiking prices and planning to sell out, VR Sugar Rush, Tron coasters, World Showcase pavilions and rides, Cars in Test Track, The Great Mickey Ride, Rivers of Light 2.0, Pandora Annual Passholder previews, catches breath, and much much more.

  81. Thumb 1489542618 artwork

    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #121- Baby's First Podcast

    Amelia joins us for her first podcast with Nick, Joe, Sean and Lane! We all talk about Miss Adventure Falls, Geyser Point, Pandora, Volcano Bay, and then close out with Sean's trip to the Jurassic World the Exhibition at the Franklyn Institute.

  82. Thumb 1488572042 artwork

    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #120- You Get a Tonight Show Cup?

    Joe had a rough, long day so he had a few fog cutters and sat down with Brian from Orlando United/Inside Universal to talk about HHN dates for a hot second, the merger of OU and IU, and we discuss the first day of soft openings for Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon.

  83. Thumb 1487734703 artwork

    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #119- Rivers of Light Reviewed

    This week's episode Joe is joined by Dani from Touring Plans and Ben from Disney Photography Blog! We open the show with discussions on Universal's new advertising push on TV and their twitter account and news of Fallon TM previews. Then we dive into the meat of the episode and discuss expansions at Caribbean Beach Resort and Coronado Resort, the death of the tiered resort structure, the much rumored WDW gondola transportation system, and close out with a big review of Rivers of Light.

  84. Thumb 1487439817 artwork

    Immersive Irony Experience Theme Park Podcast- George The Animal Steele Memorial

    This week Alan is joined by Mark Rosenzweig of Ride Entertainment. Ride Entertainment is a world leader in providing attractions, installations, park development services, and park operations along with the OEM of the SkyCoaster. Alan and Mark talk park operations, their philosophy and methods for selling rides, CRAZY STAN CHECKETTS STORIES like the S&S Sonic Boom, and more. Make sure to follow Ride Entertainment and Alan on Twitter.

  85. Thumb 1486610723 artwork

    Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour #118- Actual Polynesia

    Joe, Lane, and Sean return and are joined by our guest Felipe! This week's show covers Volcano Bay, Jimmy Fallon testing, a review of the Celebration of Harry Potter, the Forbidden Forrest rumors, Star Wars and Avatar land opening dates (or years), Rivers of Light, and a quick Marathon Weekends review from Lane.

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    Immersive Irony Experience Theme Park Podcast- Epcot Memorial Episode

    Our new podcast series hosted by Alan searches his rolodex for friends and industry insiders to talk about the amusement industry. This week's podcast he's joined by Michael, @SuperWeenieHtJr, to discuss Las Vegas, bad coaster designs, the weirdness of Hersheypark, and to eulogize Epcot.

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    116- MaxiPass

    Joe and Nick stretch one out in the new year and talk Avatar, Star Wars Galactic Nights, booze, Potter nighttime show rumors, Volcano Bay updates, and then close it out with Lane calling in to talk about his recent trip for the WDW Marathon.

  89. Thumb 1481169788 artwork

    115- 2016 Holiday Extravaganza

    Parkscope gathers around the fire to drink Christmas beers and talk theme parks. Sean talks about Grinchmas, Lane talks about his trips to Universal Studios Singapore and Disneyland, we discuss a seven hour Star Wars guided tour at Hollywood Studios, SeaWorld's slow decline, and then answer your questions! Happy holidays everyone and make sure to decorate that aluminum pole!

  90. Thumb 1480477291 artwork

    114- Nintendo, Woo-Hoo!

    Joe, Sean, and Nick talk topical, HHN26! Then we cover monorail restaurant crawls, food and wine, trains outside Joe's window, Rivers of Light, Fantastic Beasts (we found them), Joe screwing up his mic input settings, and then some Nintendo news and speculation! Note my use of the oxford comma.

  91. Thumb 1479874076 artwork

    113- All The Disney

    Joe is joined by Brian from Orlando United to talk about a little Universal news then A WHOLE LOTTA DISNEY NEWS. We cover Avatar news, Rivers of Light, Epcot Festival of Arts, refreshing Epcot rumors, Magic Kingdom cabanas, Shanghai's opening a Toy Story Playland, and Hong Kong Disneyland is building a new castle and new attractions.

  92. Thumb 1478143152 artwork

    112- Fire Beacon

    Lane had a calzone and Joe groans about the Indians choking. We cover new info on the Jimmy Fallon attraction at USF, Volcano Bay news drops 10am on 11/3, new UOR resort busses and transportation info, Artegon is up for sale and to whom, Lane reviews his upcoming Disneyland trip, and then Joe closes it out with his impression on Hulk and Reign of Kong.

  93. Thumb 1477100359 artwork

    111- Halloween Horror Nights 26

    Lane hosts as Joe, Mike, and Nick talk about their trip to Orlando and Horror Nights. We talk about our night at Hoop, Trader Sam's shenanigans, off site hotels, coverall all the HHN houses, walk through the scare zones, review the Academy of Villains and Bill and Ted, and finally close with our thoughts on The Repository uncharge experience.

  94. Thumb 1477100355 artwork

    110- Hurricanes Suck

    We're tired and exhausted as we finally delay our Orlando trip Wednesday in the prelude to Hurricane Matthew. Then we talk about Muppets in Liberty Square, Shanghai Disneyland not meeting attendance (and maybe financial?) expectations, new Star Wars land rumors, and more.

  95. Thumb 1477100350 artwork

    109- Lane's European Vacation

    Joe, Lane, Mike, and Nick are here to defeat pollution and also talk about SeaWorld 2017 plans, The Repository, Mardis Gras, and a huge trip report from Lane's massive three week European trip.

  96. Thumb 1477100346 artwork

    108- Have a Yuengling

    Joe is joined by Kenny from In the Loop and we go off the rails for the first 10 minutes talking about beer and baseball stadiums. Sorry. Then we jump into Mean Streak, Food & Wine, Tower of Terror at DCA, seasonal Stitch, Toothsome, Halloween Horror Nights, and your questions!

  97. Thumb 1477100337 artwork

    107- Lets Talk About Six Flags?

    Joe, Lane, and Nick talk about Six Flag's batch of announcements, Universal Orlando annual pass price increases, how Volcano Bay could fit into the new pricing structure, and Halloween Horror Nights. It's a quick one folks!

  98. Thumb 1477100342 artwork

    Lets Talk Cursed Child

    This episode is rated PG-13. It's time for an intervention and talk Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Joe and Mike are joined by Cameron, who've seen Part One of the play in London to walk through the book. After a bourbon and a beer we dive into discussing the plot, how scenes were replicated on stage, talk fan theories, and all unanimously agree Scorpius Malfoy is amazing.

  99. Thumb 1477100334 artwork

    106- Parksuck

    Joe and Lane watch the Falcons vs the Browns and instantly date the show. They talk about the additions to the Cedar Fair parks, Blaze Pizza, the shocker, Disney theme park and resort security changes, American Horror Story, Toothsome, and answer your questions.

  100. Thumb 1477100330 artwork

    105- Truck Nuts

    Joe, Lane, Mike, and Nick are here to talk THEME PARKS. THEME. PARKS. Want some Kings Island? BAM. We got it. Jungle Jims? BOOM. There we go. Hey want some Dollywood? BLAM! Then we throw some frooted Halloween Horror Nights, Jungle Books, Guardians, Imagineering, and brotherly love.

  101. Thumb 1477100326 artwork

    104- Kong is the Bomb Dot Com

    Joe, Ann, Mike, Nick, and Sean talk about their last trip to Orlando. They discuss Soarin' Around the World, Frozen, Kong, and more!

  102. Thumb 1477100322 artwork

    103- Shanghai Disneyland Review

    Joe and Guillaume from Le Parcorama talk VR coasters, Europe parks, and Guillaume gives his review of Shanghai Disneyland. Make sure to follow Guillaume at on twitter and on his blog!

  103. Thumb 1477100319 artwork

    102- Walt's Frozen Head

    Joe, Nick, and Benjamin Lancaster from The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head all download Pokemon GO and pick which hats and backpacks to wear. After a little Nintendo and Halloween 2 talk we dive into the story behind, filming, and post production of The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head. Go follow on Twitter and back them on Kickstarter!

  104. Thumb 1477100315 artwork

    101- It's Tough to be a Water Bug

    Joe, Lane, Nick, and Mike are joined by Banks Lee of Attractions the Show to talk about Volcano Bay, a new Universal Orlando hotel, Chance takes over Halloween Horror Nights, Guardians of the (annoyed grunt) Galaxy, and then Banks gives us the skinny on the new attractions in central Florida this summer!

  105. Thumb 1477100310 artwork


    Thoughts with and for Orlando.

  106. Thumb 1477100304 artwork

    100- Flimsy Buns

    Joe, Nick, and Sean talk Shanghai Roaring Rapids, Disney Springs, new Disneyland hotel, Skull Island TM previews, #DareToChance, and we close out with Sean and Nick's trip reports!

  107. Thumb 1477100299 artwork

    99- Sanding Wood

    Joe and Lane start out talking about nighttime Disney's Animal Kingdom before being joined by Mike and then Brian from Orlando to close out the show with some listener questions. Also Mike sanded wood.

  108. Thumb 1477100294 artwork

    98- Valverenanen

    Joe, Lane, and Nick reunite for the anniversary of their graduation pub crawl only to find the childhood town they grew up in has been invaded. Before their deaths they talk about local theme park news and updates, Shanghai Disneyland impressions, Disney Springs opening and STK, Grad Nights, Frozen Ever After opening, Mako testing, Kong AAs, Hulk details, Universal zoning land, CityWalk evicting tenants, and shortly touch on Joe's trip to Orlando.

  109. Thumb 1477100288 artwork

    Hot Takes May 11th, 2016

    Joe's quick takes on some news from this week. Hulk, Shanghai, etc.

  110. Thumb 1477100283 artwork
  111. Thumb 1477100278 artwork

    96- Free Universal TShirts

    Joe, Mike, Nick, and Ann vow revenge of their heist partner after he steals all the gold from a caper in Venice. Tokyo Disneyland Resort additions, Kong updates, Volcano Bay construction, HHN26 houses, Paddlefish, and then a huge trip report from Mike and Ann!

  112. Thumb 1477100273 artwork

    95- Rivers of LOL

    Joe, Lane, Mike, and Nick celebrate a bachelor party in Las Vegas and wake up forgetting what happened and where the groom is. We talk about regional parks, the start of Halloween Horror Nights announcements, Magic Kingdom after hours event attendance, Disney's Awaken Summer media event, why it's really dumb to call Animal Kingdom at night "like a 5th park", Avatar, Star Wars, Toy Story Playland, Lane's Dark Side race rant, and Nick's Grad Bash.

  113. Thumb 1477100267 artwork

    94- Wizarding World West

    Joe and Lane are joined by David Daut from Heroic Hollywood to talk about his first visits to Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood. In addition we talk about Tom Staggs, Rivers of Light, Tower of Terror 'bars', MyMagic+, Kong, Disney Cruise Line, new wand experiences at Wizarding World Japan, and local craft beer (and water).

  114. Thumb 1477100261 artwork

    Quickie- WWoHP Hollywood Live

    Joe is joined by Jon Green early in the morning to talk to him about the grand opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood, live from in line!

  115. Thumb 1477100253 artwork

    93- Better Late Than Never

    Joe has some Hoof Hearted, Mike hates Guardians of the Galaxy, Lane talks about Dollywood, and Nick talks Marvel. Also SeaWorld, USH tickets, WDW parties, Hulk, and Kong.

  116. Thumb 1477100248 artwork

    92- Southern Delegates

    Lane, Mike, and Nick talk about USH's permanent The Walking Dead House, Kong rumors and news, and Toothsome Chocolate Factor at CityWalk. Then LitemAndHyde joins the guys from Orlando for quick live update. Plus some listeners questions are answered!

  117. Thumb 1477100244 artwork

    91- Team Dingus

    Joe and Mike are two parapsychologists who start a ghost hunting business in New York after being fired from their plush university research gigs. Joining them are Jon Fu and Jonathan Green from Inside Universal to talk about the changes to Universal Studios Hollywood over the past two years, speakers, wood beams, press tours with Alan Gilmore, sight lines, grab and go food venues, stink pickles, tile flooring, Japan, and Mike being Lost in Translation. Make sure to follow Inside Universal on Twitter, YouTube, and check out!

  118. Thumb 1477100239 artwork

    90- Face Stuff

    Joe, Lane, and Mike are three actors who are sent to Mexico to audition for bandit fighter roles only to be confused by the locals as actual heroes. They then talk about VR coasters, Disney operations cuts, price increases, Kong updates, Rivers of Light, and future of Universal parks rumors.

  119. Thumb 1477100236 artwork

    89- Armani at a Hotel 6

    Joe, Lane, Nick, and Sean are joined by internet legend Len Testa of the Unofficial Guide series,, and The Disney Dish Podcast with Jim Hill. We debate the price of steel, the German economy, Armani suits, concierge level on the Disney Cruise Line, Washington D.C. touring, ticket price increases, nighttime habits, best cheap hotels around Walt Disney World, and knee high sinks. Make sure to check out The Unofficial Guide to the Disney Cruise Line and The Unofficial Guide to Washington D.C.!

  120. Thumb 1477100231 artwork

    88- A Fist Full of Weasley

    NOTE: Apology for the crackling from Joe's microphone, it only lasts the first few minutes of recording. Joe and Nick are joined by Felipe and Meg to mostly talk about A Celebration of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort, January 29th-31st. We also briefly discuss Universal Studios Hollywood's ticket changes and performance auditions for Reign of Kong?

  121. Thumb 1477100227 artwork

    87- Pirates of Dagobah

    Joe, Mike, Nick, and Sean start the new year off right by talking Shanghai Disneyland, Star Wars land, the validity of wine as an alcohol choice, Reign of Kong, Hulk, Volcano Bay, more UOR construction, snow, and take your questions.

  122. Thumb 1477100223 artwork

    86- Seth Lord

    Joe and Nick are joined by Seth Kubersky from The Unofficial Guide series and! Reporting live from Disney's Hollywood Studios, Seth describes the new Star Wars food and drink offerings, talks about the Star Wars launch bay, and Star Tours. Then we dive into metal detectors at parks, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hollywood opening, Disneyland construction, goats, virtual reality, I Drive, Nick's weekend Orlando trip, answer your questions, and more!

  123. Thumb 1477100219 artwork

    Spoilerscope: The Force Awakens

    Joe, Meg, and Sean talk SPOILERS about Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Do not listen until you've seen the movie, you've been warned!

  124. Thumb 1477100215 artwork

    85- Land Acquisitions

    Joe, Mike, and Sean discuss Joe's quick Orlando trip, Grinchmas, food, Christmas traditions, Universal's option on a contract for 450+ acres of land, Kong, Joe as Mini Me, and more!

  125. Thumb 1477100212 artwork

    84- Disneyland Trip Planning with The Trackers!

    Joe and Nick are joined by the one and only Jim and Tenn, I mean Tim and Jenn, Tracker! We cover Tim's trip to IAAPA 2015, rumors of The Secret Life of Pets dark ride at IoA, help Tim and Jenn plan their FIRST Disneyland trip, ceiling fans, Final Destination deaths, and more! Make sure to follow Tim and Jenn on Twitter and check out their awesome YouTube videos!

  126. Thumb 1477100207 artwork

    83- The Unofficial Guide's Bob Sehlinger

    We're back after a break! Joe and Mike are joined by Bob Sehlinger of The Unofficial Guide series to talk about New Fantasyland, SeaWorld's big announcements last week regarding rides and killer whales, and Race Through New York with Jimmy Fallon. We close out with an interview with Bob about his background, fandom of Disney and the parks, funny stories from his research trips, hilarious stories about Len Testa, and more!

  127. Thumb 1477100204 artwork

    82- La Grande Sierra de Culo

    Joe, Nick, and Sean discuss Disney Springs, The Incredible Hulk, their recent trip to Universal Orlando, and then dig right into Halloween Horror Nights 25 reviews! Make sure to enter in our giveaway of Halloween Horror Nights: The Unofficial Story and Guide 2015!

  128. Thumb 1477100201 artwork

    81- Halloween Horror Nights: The Unofficial Story and Guide

    Joe is joined by Christopher Ripley, author of Halloween Horror Nights: The Unofficial Story and Guide 2015. We discuss Chris' history with the event, creation of the book, recount some fun stories from past events, turning points of Horror Nights, and more! And make sure to enter our giveaway of the book!

  129. Thumb 1477100197 artwork
  130. Thumb 1477100194 artwork
  131. Thumb 1477100190 artwork

    78- D23 After Party

    NOTE: Sorry for poor audio quality. Joe, Mike, Nick, and Sean are drunk on Disney Parks news and Rougabrew as we recap all the D23 Parks and Resorts announcements. Star Wars, Avatar, Shanghai, Skipper Canteen, Toy Story Land, and MORE! Make sure to also enter to win a copy of the Unofficial Guide to Universal Orlando!

  132. Thumb 1477100186 artwork

    LIVE! D23 Parks and Resorts Presentation 2015

    Joe and Mike are joined by Brian from OU and friend of the site Lane to talk over the live presentation of D23 2015 Parks and Resorts Presentation. Star Wars, Toy Story Land, Avatar, Rivers of Light, and MORE!

  133. Thumb 1477100183 artwork

    77- D23 Extravaganza!

    Joe, Nick, and Sean conspire to talk D23 predictions and then answer your questions. Also make sure to enter our contest to win a copy of the Unofficial Guide to Universal Orlando by visiting

  134. Thumb 1477100180 artwork

    76- Drew Must Die

    Joe, Nick, and Sean join forces to battle the evils of Universal third park rumors, talk Star Wars plans, Sapphire Falls news, and then answer your listener questions.

  135. Thumb 1477100176 artwork

    75- Mikey Actually Likes It

    Joe, Mike, and Nick congress to discuss Portofino Bay, menu changes at UOR, and then spend a ton of time talking about Shanghai Disneyland announcements. And Joe has an Uh-Oa during the episode.

  136. Thumb 1477100173 artwork

    74- Throw a Cow at Them

    Joe, Mike, and Brian from are joined by the one, the only Jim Hill to discussion Disney's Hollywood Studios make over and closures, Star Wars, Toy Story Playland, Epcot changes, Illuminations replacement, Jurassic World, Marvel, Nintendo, and more.

  137. Thumb 1477100170 artwork

    73- Please Send Us Water

    Joe, Nick, and Sean are joined by Jon Fu from to discuss banning selfie sticks, Fast and Furious Supercharged, the Universal Studios Hollywood Nighttime Tram Tour, capacity and parking woes at Hollywood, Disneyland pushing for admissions tax exemption in exchange for $1bn in expansion, Disney's Hollywood Studios rumors, Twister permits, and more.

  138. Thumb 1477100167 artwork

    GameScope Post E3 2015

    Joe and Sean talk about Bethesda, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo's press conferences and announcements from E3 2015.

  139. Thumb 1477100163 artwork

    GameScope June 2015 Pt 1

    Joe drinks some 2XOne and is joined by Sean to talk about Nintendo NX, Nintendo on mobile, Persona 5, Fallout 4, Splatoon, Yooka-Laylee, and E3 predictions.

  140. Thumb 1477100158 artwork

    72- Volcano Bae

    Joe, Mike (for a hot second), Nick, and Sean are joined by friends of the podcast Brian and Andy from to talk Raptors, new rollercoasters at Busch and SeaWorld, and Volcano Bay water park.

  141. Thumb 1477100154 artwork

    71- Live Show, Guys

    Joe, Mike, and Sean talk Star Wars Weekends, Wilderness Lodge, and then are joined by Seth Kubersky to talk Disneyland's 60th and Halloween Horror Nights 25. While we try to end the show we just end up talking about some video games.

  142. Thumb 1477100150 artwork

    70- Nintendo and Kong

    We have a full house today with Joe, Mike, Nick, Sean, and Drew from Skull Island: Rise of Kong. Nintendo at Universal (I still can't believe that's happening).

  143. Thumb 1477100146 artwork

    69- Sean Loves Bread

    Joe, Nick, and Sean join to discuss SeaWorld's and Busch Gardens Tampa's new coasters, Innoventions closing, Cedar Point, exclusive beers, Project Dig, HHN25, NBC Sports Grill Brew bad name, The Great Piggy Bank Adventure, Marvel will always be at UOR, and then we cover Sean's trip and his love of bread!

  144. Thumb 1477100143 artwork

    68- Wand Games

    Joe, Nick, and Lane talk abut their trip to MCO this past weekend with talk of SeaWorld, Diagon Alley, Cabana Bay, Celestina Warbeck, being picked for a wand, Trader Sam's, CowFish, and more!

  145. Thumb 1477100139 artwork

    67- Give Us Plastic APs

    Joe, Mike, Nick, and Sean are joined by Taylor from to discuss Six Flags, Polynesian, Trader Sam's, SeaWorld PR blunders, ad hominem attacks, Springfield west, King Kong AAs, HHN25, your questions, and more!

  146. Thumb 1477100134 artwork

    66- E Ticket Walls

    TONIGHT! Mike, Sean, and Joe talk about Innoventions West, Kong, Trader Sam's, Nintendo, and answer your questions!

  147. Thumb 1477100130 artwork

    65- Double the Fun

    Joe, Mike, and Nick hate on Disney and love Universal by praising the new MK hub, the cool new Adventureland restaurant concept, Innoventions closing at Disneyland, Mike's Disneyland vendetta, Disney chickening out by just adding 50% capacity to existing attractions, the hat's down ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Universal's non-news on water bottle bans and ticket price increases, HHN 25, Gringotts downtime, Kong hype, and your questions!

  148. Thumb 1477100125 artwork

    64- It's Not The Harry Potter Celebration without You, Hagrid

    Joe, Mike, Nick, and Sean get together to discuss measles, anniversaries, celebrations, Disney Springs, Sean's trip, Mike filing papers, Baloo meowing, warm butterbeer, and ghosts. Then we jump on twitter and answer your weird, last minute questions.

  149. Thumb 1477100121 artwork

    63- Saturday Six Top Universal Attractions Discussion

    Joe, Mike, Nick, and Sean are joined by Brian from OrlandoUnited to discuss their involvement with and the results from the Saturday Six Top Universal Attractions poll. AVENGE DISASTER!

  150. Thumb 1477100117 artwork

    62- No Pandas on Stage

    Happy New Year! Joe, Nick, and Sean talk about the Frozen meet and greet area in Epcot, Avatar movie delays, thoughts on IPs in parks, Disney's Hollywood Studios expansion rumors, Cowfish reaching out to guests because of a blogger, Kong, Sean likes old music, the new water park, Mardi Gras, and Baloo as the best spotting bro at a gym.

  151. Thumb 1477100113 artwork

    GameScope 2014 Year in Review

    Joe and Sean get drunk, play video games, and discuss 2014. Topics include Microsoft's change in tune, broken games, bad people online, Nintendo's bad decisions, our favorite games we played this year, and 2015.

  152. Thumb 1477100110 artwork

    61- Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa

    Joe, Nick, and Sean draw Cards Against Humanity cards then dive into SeaWorld, Cedar Point, the Polynesian, Avatar is doing something or another, Be Our Guest for breakfasts, Kong updates, and water park permits. Then Nick dives into his recent trip talking about Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, HOT Butterbeer, and Cowfish. Happy Festivus y'all!

  153. Thumb 1477100106 artwork

    60- Universal vs Disney: The Unofficial Guide

    Joe and Nick are joined by Sam Gennawey, urban designer, planner, and author of the book 'Universal versus Disney: The Unofficial Guide to American Theme Parks' Greatest Rivalry'. We discuss the origins of the book, the creation of the Universal Studios Hollywood Tour, the developments that lead to the creation of Universal Studios Florida, the creation of Islands of Adventure, and much much more. This is just a sample of the full contents of the book, now available!

  154. Thumb 1477100102 artwork

    59- Food Coma

    Joe and Nick are stuffed with food and give thanks by talking about the Great Movie Ride, hats, Animal Kingdom developments, WonderSea permits, what we're thankful for, and we answer your questions.

  155. Thumb 1477100098 artwork

    58- Let My Sign Go

    Joe, Nick, and Sean team up to discuss Pop Tarts, I-Drive, Tokyo Disneyland Expansion, Fifth Gate at WDW Discussions are Stupid, Cowfish, Kong, Frequent Fear, Building 88, 25th anniversaries, and answer your last minute questions!

  156. Thumb 1477100093 artwork

    57- Some News, Rumors, and Disney Cruise Line

    Joe, Mike, and Nick are joined by the illustrious Derek Burgan and Seth Kubersky of the internet. We talk Disney Springs news, Disney Hollywood Studios rumors, UOR rumors, and talk about their trips on the Disney Cruise Line.

  157. Thumb 1477100088 artwork

    56- Diagon Alley Impressions

    *NOTE: More than the usual amount of adult language in this episode* Joe, Mike, Nick, and Sean finally got to experience Diagon Alley in late September. After 10 minutes talking about beer and bars, we finally discuss all aspects of Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express. We cover the land, shops, food, drink, shows, and attractions. And you'll be surprised how angry we get each other over the owl shop.

  158. Thumb 1477100084 artwork
  159. Thumb 1477100080 artwork

    54- Post Trip News Blues

    Joe and Nick cover the news and events form the past few weeks. Backlot Tour, loss of Epcot entertainment, Kongstruction, NASCAR Grille, Iger, and some teasers for future podcasts.

  160. Thumb 1477100075 artwork

    53- La Det Gå

    Joe, Mike, and Sean talk HHN, Sapphire Falls, Paint the Night, and FROZEN. HEY Y'ALL LET IT GO.

  161. Thumb 1477100070 artwork

    52- A True Disaster

    Joe, Mike, Nick, and Sean are joined by Tom Bricker to discuss his last trip to WDW and UOR, his opinions on the Villains Unleashed event, UOR, Potter, ET, Disaster, and then your questions.

  162. Thumb 1477100066 artwork

    51- Mike Gets a Ring

    Joe, Mike, Nick, and Sean are all back to discuss SeaWorld, Busch Parks, Potter Celebration, HHN, Hollywood Studios, Villains, hard tickets, random stories, things, and some postulation on Parkscope Weekend. Trust me it makes sense.

  163. Thumb 1477100062 artwork

    50- Ugliest Podcast in Norway

    Joe and Mike are joined by the incomparable Len Testa from your books, websites, and podcasts (and other podcasts) to discuss Halloween Horror Nights, Frozen invasion, Norway, 1 million riders, Len's UOR trip, Italian food, and UOR updates to the 2015 edition of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. Then we close out with your questions.

  164. Thumb 1477100056 artwork

    49- Teranadan

    Joe, Mike, and Nick are joined by The Tim Tracker and The Jenn Tracker from the YouTubes and Twitters to talk Halloween Horror Nights, 25th Anniversary Plans, Soarin', new nighttime shows ALL OVER ORLANDO, King Kong, Avatar, WonderSea/Volcano Bay, Sean sucks, and more!

  165. Thumb 1477100051 artwork

    48- Don't Throw Pumpkins

    Joe, Mike, and Nick are joined with Adam and Andrew from the DisneyHipsters to talk Disneyland, interactive games, Food and Wine, Nashville!, vegetarians in theme parks, Universal thoughts, Club 33, and your questions!

  166. Thumb 1477100046 artwork

    47- Anglophilia

    Joe, Nick, and Sean are joined by Megs from the famous PotterWatch outside of Diagon Alley. We discuss ride evacs, StarTrek, and then Megs' experience with PotterWatch and Diagon Alley

  167. Thumb 1477100040 artwork

    46- Alohomora

    Joe and Nick are joined by a late Mike to discuss the opening crowds of Diagon Alley, capacity woes, Frozen characters on sticks, new IP at UOR, replacement for San Fran area at USF, and more.

  168. Thumb 1477100035 artwork

    45- Indescribable

    Joe, Nick, and Sean talk Frozen events, Diagon Alley media week, Harry Potter and the Making of Diagon Alley, CityWalk fun, Kongstruction, UOR Hotel Updates, WonderSea/Volcano Bay, 3rd parks, we're in the Unofficial Guide!, your question, and PARKSCOPE THE WEEKEND.

  169. Thumb 1477100031 artwork

    44- Jolly Holly

    Joe, Nick, and Sean are back to talk Nick's DLR and UOR trips and then Joe's UOR and WDW trips. Pirates, WoC, Tonight Show, Antojitos, Citricos, and more!

  170. Thumb 1477100027 artwork

    Orlando United and Parkscope Unprofessional Radio Podcast Hour

    BriMan, Drew, and HTF from Orlando United Radio join Joe, Mike, Nick, and Sean to discuss the week’s happenings at UOR and WDW. It’s a cross over for the ages. Flinstones meets the Jetsons; the Simpsons meet the Critic.

  171. Thumb 1477100022 artwork

    Gamescope E3 Special

    Joe and Sean discuss the press conferences by Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and more at this year's E3.

  172. Thumb 1477100017 artwork
  173. Thumb 1477100012 artwork

    42- Thoughts on Movie Studios Themed Parks

    Joe and Nick are joined by Dave Daut, @Illusion0fLife from the twitters, to discuss movie studios theme parks. We cover the past, present, future, and other random topics.

  174. Thumb 1477100007 artwork

    41- Islands of Adventure Birthday Spectacular

    Joe, Mike, Nick, and Sean join to discuss a little news then dive into talking about the history, past, present, future, and our opinions of Islands of Adventure on it's 15th birthday.

  175. Thumb 1477100002 artwork

    40- Mike's A Robot

    Joe, Nick, and Sean join for probably the last podcast episode ever (inside joke) to discuss Diagon Alley developments, DisneySide 24 hour celebration thing, SDMT ads, random news we can pull from our brains, and then spend like 90 minutes talking to and preparing Nick for the most mind blowing experience of his life: Disneyland.

  176. Thumb 1477099993 artwork

    39- Kubersky Problems

    WHEN WILL THE NEWS ABOUT SEVEN DWARFS AND FROZEN END? Probably never. runDisney, Tink, Sea World, Antojitos, and then a ton of Potter. AND WE ANNOUNCE SOMETHING COOL?

  177. Thumb 1477099987 artwork

    Parkscope After Dark Show Part 2

    Parkscope After Dark Part 2: best sequel to a live podcast ever. Nominated for 2 Grammys, a Webby, 3 podcast awards, and a Woody. Universal Parks Blog, best IPs for a theme park, why Star Wars is problematic, and Paulie can't defend Frozen.

  178. Thumb 1477099980 artwork

    Parkscope After Dark Show Part 1

    Joe, Mike, and Nick are three sheets to the wind and decide "LETS JUST DO AN EPISODE TONIGHT". We welcome on friends, enemies, frenemies, and more as we just discuss, well, everything.

  179. Thumb 1477099971 artwork

    38- Call Me Al

    The crew are joined by the esteemed Banks Lee from Attractions the Show to discuss the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (for the last time?), the Polynesian, MyMagicPLUS, Animal Kingdom additions, and way more Potter than is recommended for daily dose. Then we close out this extra long podcast with your questions. Seriously, we're never getting this guy back...

  180. Thumb 1477099964 artwork

    37- It Does Nothing

    The gang is back together to notice how Mike's still at work in a bow tie, Disney's Hollywood Studio is 25 and can rent a car, Seven Dwarf's Mine Train media previews, cats that aren't Baloo, more Frozen rumors, Diagon Alley food and merch, fountains, Nicks' adventures at GradBash, your questions, and MOAR!

  181. Thumb 1477099951 artwork

    36- Zombhench

    Joe, Mike, and Sean cover the past week or so's worth of news. Hey, that stupid velociraptor costume! Disney Hollywood Studios' 25th anniversary 'events', as we relive what the park could have been. Soarin' over the Horizon? Seven Dwarfs things. Disney Springs rumors and our concepts. Hey, a bunch of VPs got shuffled around at WDW and WDI! Diagon Alley rumors, and how the coaster didn't derail (idiots). Al Roker, PR battles, and ROCKS! Finally we close it out with your questions.

  182. Thumb 1477099944 artwork

    35- Universal Orlando Resort for New Visitors

    Joe, Nick, and Sean are joined by Derek Burgan from to discuss tips, tricks, and hints for those visiting the Universal Orlando for the first or 100th time.

  183. Thumb 1477099938 artwork

    34- Sean Opens His Window

    We tackled the big two Universal topics: night time in the parks and screens. We then also discuss London waterfront and take your questions.

  184. Thumb 1477099931 artwork

    33- Stupid Telephones

    We're back! This week we tackle the 'dedication' of SDMT in late April, Innoventions paint job, Muppets in World Showcase, parking price increases, KidZone rumors, Diagon Alley opening rumors, HYPE!, and your questions!

  185. Thumb 1477099923 artwork

    32- Sean's Tokyo Trip

    Joe, Mike, and Nick are re-joined by international jet-setting playboy Sean! Seven Dwarfs, Hitler, Kong, Despicable Me, Halloween Horry Nights, Tokyo Disneyland, and MORE! LONG LIVE TONY SOLARONI.

  186. Thumb 1477099915 artwork

    31- HypeTrain

    Joe, Mike, and Nick discuss parades, Frozen, Muppets, Big Thunder, the lameness of podcast co-hosts not with us, Kong, Zonkos, Hogwarts Express, and your listener questions.

  187. Thumb 1477099908 artwork

    30- Jazzland 2.0

    Joe and Mike are joined by Tonya Pope to talk about the proposal submitted to redevelop Jazzland Park in New Orleans, Louisiana! We discuss the scope of the project, attractions to be featured, and answer some of your questions.

  188. Thumb 1477099900 artwork


    Joe, Mike, Nick, and Sean are jointed by Len Testa of, WDW Today, Disney Dish podcast, the Unofficial Guide, and generally cool dude! We talk Universal price increases, Diagon Alley food, Magic Kingdom Hub, 24 Disney Day 2.0, and then shoot the breeze with Len!

  189. Thumb 1477099890 artwork

    23- Quatro Dolares e um Reino Magico

    Joe, Mike, Nick, and Sean discuss Mike's movie watching habits, Universal projects OF THE FUTURE, ticket price raises, mine trains, foreigners, HUBZ, your questions, and more!

  190. Thumb 1477099882 artwork

    22- Listener Questions

    Joe, Mike, Nick, and Sean talk KidZone, hotels, fires, and answer your questions.

  191. Thumb 1477099865 artwork

    21- All The Special Guest

    Joe, Mike, and Sean are joined by special guest Robert Niles from! We discuss Festival of Fantasy, Harry Potter, Gringotts, Fantastical Beasts, Mythos (voted best restaurant in a theme park by a certain website), should we be excited for Avatar, Frozen attraction ideas, what's next for UOR, MM+ and future developments, paying for the sins of a previous generation, Shanghai Disneyland, AND MORE.

  192. Thumb 1477099854 artwork

    Gamescope 1.2

    We're back! Joe and Sean discuss what we've been playing and beat, NintendLOL, next generation, why people who are dismissive of dedicated gaming are stupid, and upcoming games we're looking forward to. Finally, we answer two questions! YES TWO!

  193. Thumb 1477099846 artwork

    20- Weird, Depressing, Exciting

    Joe, Mike, Nick, and Sean are joined by Jon from! We discuss the history of USH, our thoughts on the park, the Tram Tour, the differences between the two coasts, Black Lagoon, Transformers Meet and Greet, their version of Potter, and banter. Witty, hilarious, banter.

  194. Thumb 1477099839 artwork

    19- Lock It In With The Phelps Twins

    Joe, Mike, and Nick are joined by special guest of Banks Lee from Attractions Magazine! Today we discuss wraslin', Mexican food (again), FastPass Plus for APs, Meet and Greets, Maleificent and Disney's mentality for adding new attractions, Holy Land Experience, the Harry Potter Celebration, and then close out with your questions!

  195. Thumb 1477099834 artwork
  196. Thumb 1477099830 artwork

    17- The Never Ending Podcast

    YOU CAN'T STOP US NOW. Joe, Mike, Nick, and Sean with special guest Derek Burgan discuss MM+, Potter, and answer your questions. We just kinda go generally nuts.

  197. Thumb 1477099825 artwork

    16- Tired

    Joe, Nick, Mike and Sean discuss HYPE TRAIN, restaurants, buses, rapid fills, and then Sean lets loose with his thoughts on his trip thoughts. FINALLY YOUR QUESTIONS.

  198. Thumb 1477099817 artwork

    15- Lets Ask Seth

    Joe, Nick, and Mike are joined by Seth Kubersky and Derek Burgan to talk about Mine Trains, New Years Resolutions, Amusement Leaks, the closing of two shows, and then we ask Seth a bunch of questions.

  199. Thumb 1477099808 artwork

    14- MySkyfall+

    Joe, Mike, Nick, and Sean discuss Universal's patent application for a ride reservation system similar to MyMagic+ at Walt Disney World. We also dive into WDW and UOR news and rumors, hidden mickeys, CityWalk's disappearing nightlife(!?!?), Blue Men, and answer your questions!

  200. Thumb 1477099799 artwork

    13- 13 Years of Anticipation

    TODAY! Mike decides a free meal isn't as important as his friends, so he joins Joe, Nick, and Sean as they discuss the world of theme parks.Nicks' weekend trip to see Universal Orlando during the Holidays! Joe visits Disneyland to see new DCA and Disneyland holiday offerings. Who is CityWalk actually for? :Skyfall: with Jurassic Park/World additions. Your questions! We WILL be taking a winter hiatus to recharge, visit family, and have look at our podcast production. If you have any comments on our set up, production, or podcast format, leave a comment below or message us on twitter!

  201. Thumb 1477099793 artwork
  202. Thumb 1477099787 artwork

    GameScope 1.1

    Joe and Sean discuss The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, Pokemon, PS4, and answers your questions!

  203. Thumb 1477099780 artwork

    11- Amplapheater

    This week Joe, Mike, Nick, and Sean learn about Joe's mispronunciation problems, a divide house over Universal drinks cannot stand, PolarCoasters, Universal News on December 12th, Bill and Ted get renewed, MyBoondoggle+ with Iger and WDI, don't believe what you hear on the internet, Joe's going to Disneyland, and we answer your questions.

  204. Thumb 1477099773 artwork

    10- PrayForEE

    Joe, Mike, Sean, and Nick wish a third time's a charm with recording this show. This episode we discuss Universal expansion updates, why are there no Walt Disney movies, and answer your questions! GATOR DOWN

  205. Thumb 1477099768 artwork

    9- Kübler-Ross

    Joe, Mike, and Nick brew a local craft harvest ale of theme park news and opinions. This week we discuss Univeral's new food options, projector upgrades, rumors of new attractions and how to handle speculation, and new Universal ads. Then we dive into Disney, because YOU ASK AND WE DELIVER. California Grill vs Jiko as Nick and Joe battle it out, Sid's eviction, Imagination's seasonal death spiral, the nature of nostalgia and enabling, denial, The People's Public of Princess Land, Soarin upgrades and additions, and Georgie's comments at IAAPA about MyMagic+. Make sure to vote for Orlando United on the Behind the Thrills poll this week!

  206. Thumb 1477099763 artwork

    8- Jiggasaurus

    Straight from our hearts to your ears, here is this weeks episode of iTunes NEW AND NOTEWORTHY PODCAST in the Places and Travel section! This week we cover the Jingle Cruise, Carousel of Progress/Tomorrowland movie and theme park movies, Sean gets some Disney Springs info, Disney doesn't understand concepts such as 'co-op' and 'food truck', DIAGON ALLEY MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE, The Forbidden Journey of legend, Voldemort is a stupid character to put in an attraction, All The Small Things (music in the parks, Billy Hill leaving), Iger and Star Wars land, Jurassic Park at Islands of Adventure, Hunger Gamez and how WOW THAT'S REALLY DUMB, your questions and our answers, and Vote for Be Our Guest on the!

  207. Thumb 1477099757 artwork

    7- Freakin Mustard

    Mike hosts as Joe has the flu, Nick has a new headset, and Sean talks. We discuss the new Red Oven Pizza quick service and general look of CityWalk, Betelgeuse/Beetlejuice show, carnie games, parades, wrestling, dining plans, Nick Studios, and some random Disney things.

  208. Thumb 1477099750 artwork

    Sidebar: Book of Mormon-scope

    Joe and Mike discuss their broadway musical history then dive into their thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the smash hit musical The Book of Mormon. For listings of shows visit

  209. Thumb 1477099744 artwork

    6- Mike Mans Up

    Joe gets usurped, the Disney Magic gets out of refurbishment, Joe doesn't understand the alphabet, Seuss expansion at IoA, Hogwarts Express AGAIN?, Gringotts ride system video, Jingle all the way to Adventureland, your questions and our answers, emails, and vote for Be Our Guest on the! (I swear I'm not bitter.)

  210. Thumb 1477099738 artwork

    5- Universal LATER!

    On this week's episode we're Unprofessionally joined by Derek Burgan from the Universal NOW! podcast (completing our full synergistic potential). We discuss Sean getting a raise, what's going on with Diagon Alley and the Bridge to Nowhere, Gringotts attraction update, Issues with Mr Banks, People still watch wrestling, more Rip Ride Rockit jokes, AND YOUR QUESTIONS GET ANSWERED

  211. Thumb 1477099730 artwork

    4- You're Welcome

    This week Nick, Mike, Sean, Joe, and Mike again taking over for Joe celebrate Mike's bar passing and him becoming, uh, excitable again. We throw off the gloves for 80 minutes of Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Sean forgetting things, Nick's dog, HTF's rumors of Kong, Rip Ride tear it down it, vote for Inside the Magic for, and Joe's reminder he's single and poor. Danger zeeeeaaaaooooooooneee.

  212. Thumb 1477099723 artwork

    3- Bridge to Nowhere

    This week Nick, Mike, Sean, and Joe discuss new arial photos of Diagon Alley and Hogsmead Station, Sean letting go, Mike's road to acceptance, Nick's letting go and acceptance of the Falcons, Sinbad has an ugly show building, DISNEY GIVES US SOMETHING GOOD BESIDES COFFEE AND BOGS TO TALK ABOUT,being nice to people on Twitter, Court of Angels and Norwegian princesses' eminent domain over churches, Forbidden Journey ride profile upgrades, and but why is there a bog? Podcast sponsored by the Atlanta Falcons: now Nick knows what it feels to be a Cleveland sports fan.

  213. Thumb 1477099716 artwork

    2- To Loosen Your Buckle, Ring Up Huckel

    Our first podcast where we looked at each other the whole time, Nick and Sean discuss their long weekend trip, Mike sets up his new iPhone 5s, Sean likes Springfield, Nick likes Mythos and The Kitchen, we hear about the best haunts, and we discuss recent observations on Magic Kingdom capacity. Vote for for the!

  214. Thumb 1477099711 artwork

    1- Joe's Wrong

    We wrap up our thoughts on the Universal Decade rumors and talk about Halloween Horror Nights and Joe's scare-dee pants.

  215. Thumb 1477099703 artwork
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